Play therapy is based upon the fact that play is the child’s natural medium for self-expression
(Axline, 1947)

Sally Baron

Registered Psychologist

MA Mental Health Science, Specialist Clinical Training in Play Therapy

I am a registered Psychologist and a Play Therapist.  I have a Masters degree in Mental Health Science (Monash University, Melbourne) specialising in child and adolescent psychoanalytic psychotherapy and have completed advanced clinical training in Child Centered Play Therapy with Play Therapy Australia. I am highly motivated by this evidence based, developmentally appropriate and humanistic approach to therapeutic work with children.

I have worked professionally with children for several years, first as a primary school teacher in the south of England then since emigrating to Australia in 2007 as a Psychologist in the public sector (DECD) and in private practice.  In each of these roles I have gained experience working with children, their families and teachers for whom life presents various challenges to mental health, learning and well-being.  I believe children have an innate potential for growth, development and healing and we know that child-centered play therapy can effectively support the change process.

My interest in play therapy began at the age of 13 when I read a book called ‘Dibs – In Search of Self’ by Virginia Axline who is the founder of Child-Centered Play Therapy.  The book is about a young boy (Dibs) whose therapy journey introduced me to the power of the therapeutic relationship and the strength of the child to heal and grow through this process.  My aim is to follow Axline’s basic principles to develop genuine, respectful and trusting relationships in my work.